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a careful curation of coffee culture

Coffee is one of the world’s oldest drinks. Today, brands and businesses all around the world are finding new and unique ways to prepare and serve, package and promote, and build community spaces.

Designing Coffee is a careful curation of some of the best and most vibrant examples of design in the coffee industry today.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your business, or are simply a coffee or design lover, the stunning designs detailed within are sure to appeal.

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Author and curator of Designing Coffee, Lani Kingston, is a specialty coffee industry veteran with four bestselling books under her belt. Her first book, How To Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean is now published in 12 languages and is a textbook at barista academies around the world. She works as a freelance consultant alongside running an agency (Four Seasons of Food) that supports food and beverage businesses globally with everything from brand development to marketing support.

Born in Australia, she has lived in London, New York, and Singapore – and now resides in Portland, Oregon, where she is a professor of anthropology at Portland State University teaching coffee history. She is also the Conference and Education Manager at Coffee Fest, the premier specialty coffee industry trade show held four times a year in different cities across the United States.


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