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Cutting-edge design and unique spaces created for indulging coffee around the world that make your heart go faster.

By Lani Kingston | Published by Gestalten

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  • Little Sister

    Little Sister

    Discover Little Sister a whimsical Northern Ireland based coffee and ice cream haven designed by Angel & Anchor. Unveiling a vibrant, playful design echoing childhood joy, this North Coast gem intertwines specialty coffee and big soft-serve flavors.

  • Saturnbird Coffee

    Saturnbird Coffee

    After observing a trend towards home brewing and a lack of instant specialty coffee on the market, Saturnbird developed trademarked technology (“Super Extraction”) to preserve the flavor of specialty coffee while delivering it in an easy-to-prepare form. 

  • Process Coffee

    Process Coffee

    Process Coffee in Belfast, Northern Ireland, released a design inspired by 90s nostalgia that was fun, and engaging and facilitated a whole new coffee experience. After creating the brand identity, Angel & Anchor drew further 90s inspiration from skateboarding videos to develop a packaging concept centered around the VHS tape.

  • Chipp Coffee Co.

    Chipp Coffee Co.

    Owner Zach Chipp worked with his good pals at Ernest Studio to refresh the Chipp Coffee Co brand. Collectively they felt the brand needed a little glow-up, to better showcase Zach’s personal love for specialty coffee and share that passion far and wide, in a box-fresh format that can take pride of place on your kitchen counter.

  • Lykke Kaffegårdar

    Lykke Kaffegårdar

    Branding designer Open Studio says that Lykke’s unique business model and the committed people behind the brand were their most important inspiration. Illustrations were used uninhibitedly to reinforce and clarify dreams, tastes, visions, and roasts. They allowed ‘non-design to become design’.

Good design = good experiences.

Everyone has walked into a coffeeshop that just feels right. Sometimes, you can’t even pick out exactly what it is that makes this place feel so on point – is it the color of the wallpaper? The pairing of the logo graphic style with cohesive typography? Is it that the space fits into it’s broader urban context like a hand in a glove? The best designed coffeeshops make you want to stay, sip a little slower, and come back again tomorrow.

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