Chipp Coffee Co.

Business Type: Coffee Roaster

Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Design Partner:

Category: Branding & Packaging

Owner Zach Chipp worked with his good pals at Ernest Studio to refresh the Chipp Coffee Co brand.

Collectively they felt the brand needed a little glow-up, to better showcase Zach’s personal love for specialty coffee and share that passion far and wide, in a box-fresh format that can take pride of place on your kitchen counter.

They kept our favorite bits from the original Chipp branding, whilst adding a cheeky nod to Zach’s Yorkshire roots. 

Being Leeds born and bred, I wanted to have an element to the brand that had a deep connection to my roots and the city I love so much.

Did you know there are three owls on Leeds City Council’s coat of arms, enormous golden owl statues outside Civic Hall, and sculptures and paintings of the nocturnal birds at 24 other locations around the city?

Sir John Savile, the first Alderman of Leeds, arrived in the UK after his family was given huge areas of land in Yorkshire by William the Conqueror. He decided to include owls when he designed his coat of arms, it is not clear why – but I bloody love it!

So that’s where the owl comes from, but why the name? Again, it comes from the history of Leeds…

The Roman name for Leeds was ‘Leodis‘, I simply shortened it to Leo and thought it was pretty cool!

Zach Chipp, Founder
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