Saturnbird Coffee

Business Type: Instant Coffee Company and Cafes

Location: Changsha, China


Category: Branding & Packaging

Winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2020

What started as a specialty coffee shop in Changsha, China, has turned into a global leader in convenience coffee in the specialty space.

After observing a trend towards home brewing and a lack of instant specialty coffee on the market, Saturnbird developed trademarked technology (“Super Extraction”) to preserve the flavor of specialty coffee while delivering it in an easy-to-prepare form. 

The brand’s Chinese name is sandunban (三顿半), meaning three and a half meals. The philosophy behind this is that three meals are for the body, and the half meal (coffee) is for the soul.

WU jun, Saturnbird Founder

Like many single-serve coffee producers, Saturnbird had to carefully consider their ecological impact.

Choosing to use 100% recycled plastic, they also launched a long-term recycling plan called “Project Return”. Customers get points and special gear for returning their used mini cups, which are recycled into houseware.

In the first three years of Project Return, 125 thousand Saturnbird customers returned over 13 million mini cups.

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